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I am Alberto Chueca and with my method I will help you to improve your game.

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chess teacher

“A chess teacher will help you to improve your skills at the same time that will shorten the way to become a Masters.”

about me

I remember when I started playing chess and the technology was not so advanced and I could not have a professional chess teacher neither great content with which to progress. At that time I always missed to have a place to access and find chess materials, where to train professionally and see progress in my game … And that’s why I launched The Rebel Alliance, to help people in my same situation and help them achieve their objectives.

But you must be wondering who Alberto Chueca is. FIDE Trainer and FIDE Master. And children from different countries are in the top 15 worldwide of their age thanks to their journey in the Rebel Alliance, my online community.


Vyom & Omya has been learning from Coach Alberto when they were USCF rated ~1500 & ~1000 respectively. Coach Alberto played a critical role in understanding Vyom’s weaknesses and helped him overcome them. Alberto has been an exceptional coach with a lot of patience with kids. He played an instrumental role in teaching them different openings for both black and white and was always available to help/guide them. Teacher Alberto helps to analyze the games and suggest good moves. Our kids are very comfortable with the teaching style of Coach Alberto. He being an active player also helps as he shares the learnings from his games and experience as well.

Arvind Vidyarthi, father. The United States.

Alberto is Shiv’s mentor, guide, friend and chess buddy. We parents had no idea about chess. It’s because of his guidance that he set a properly structured plan of his chess studies in terms of openings, middlegames and endgames that he had a very good initial rating of 2148. His classes are very interactive and Shiv looks forward to his class. Alberto is very supportive and encourages the child to give in his best. Thanks a lot.

Shalini Shome, India

only 4% of chess player manage to have a significant progress and most of them do it with the help of a chess teacher.

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